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Procedure detail

This feature allows you to view the data of the selected procedure, including the documents related to the announcement, or related to the documents that are required to competitors. Click on "Lots" you can view the detailed information on the lots included in the procedure.
LAST UPDATE ON 10/07/2024

Section Contracting authority


Section General data

Fornitura e posa in opera di attrezzature per la realizzazione dell'infrastruttura termica integrata della Smart Energy Micro Grid (SEMG) - Progetto Mission Innovation - CIG : B1D5117709 - CUP : I62C21000380001
Procedura aperta
Offerta economicamente più vantaggiosa
696.321,73 €
696.321,73 €
12/07/2024 by 12:00

Subsection Deadlines before rectification

Expiration date Expiration time Adjustment operation date and time
27/06/2024 12:00 25/06/2024 15:57:22
In aggiudicazione

Section Documentation required to competitors

Administrative envelope
Technical envelope
Economic envelope
  • Offerta economica

Section Communications from the contracting authority

No communication from the contracting authority

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