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Accessibility info

Display text only

In addition to the normal display with dark characters on a light background, a display without graphic styles, images and colors can be activated.


It is possible to activate through a link at the top of the page the display of the pages in text only mode but with high contrast.

Aids to navigation

On all the pages of the site there is under the header the horizontal navigation menu "You are here:" which indicates the user's position within the site structure and the title of the page you are on. The indication is hypertextual, and with a simple click on the text of the navigation menu you can reach the previous levels.The items reported without hyperlink do not correspond to pages actually navigated but to menu items; furthermore, the active page is not selectable.

In the side navigation menu, the active level appears different so to be easily recognized.

Quick access keys (accesskey)

To simplify page navigation, shortcut keys have been included which allow to quickly jump to the main pages of the site, to basic accessibility functions, and to the beginning of the thematic areas shown on the page:

[H] Home Page [W] Aids to navigation [Y] Site map [S] Contents search

[N] Standard font dimension text [B] Big font dimension text [V] Very big font dimension text

[G] Graphic mode display [T] Only text display [X] Only text with high contrast display

[S] Go to contents search [1/2/..] Go to area 1,2,... under the header (accordingly to used layout)


The pages have been organized so that they can be read even when the style sheets are disabled or not supported.
This site did not use frames and flashing objects or writings were avoided that could cause disturbances in concentration or to assistive technologies.


All the lnks are made using text elements that are recognizable because they are underlined or bold. For any click, a new window was avoided.


For each non-text object a textual alternative (ALT attribute) has been provided commensurate with the function exercised by the original object in the specific context.

Modules (form)

The online forms have been constructed by explicitly associating the labels with their controls, positioning them so as to facilitate the compilation of the fields to those who use assistive technologies.

Check with different browsers (programs used to explore web resources)

The pages of this site have been verified with the main existing browsers.

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